Bike Fit

Get a bike sized correctly for you. There is nothing more important.

Bike fit is the most important factor in choosing a bike. Bike fit is most important for road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrids, but slightly less critical for comfort bikes, which may be available in fewer frame sizes.

Choose a shop that spends time fitting....on my most recent purchase, I drove over and hour to find a shop that would tak ethe time to fit me properly.....

Bikes sold at Wal-Mart, and other department stores are advertised by wheel size. Independent bike shops will have several frame sizes within a given wheel size, so a rider is assured a comfortable fit. (I often refer to department store bikes as “one size fits nobody”.)


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Peter White og Peter White Bicycles.

Bike Fit

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If you are in theNllsboarough N.H. area area, consider shopping at Peter White Bicycles

If spending more, fit kit, pro-fit, etc.....

Women’s specific sizes are growing in availability. These aren’t necessarily the “step through” or “mixte” frame with the lowered top tube of old. Some bikes may still be step through, but often women’s bikes may look like a men’s style frame, but are proportioned to fit a woman’s body. This is a great advancement, especially on road bikes where fit is extremely critical. Previously women who wanted performance bikes had to make a men’s bike fit, often with inadequate results.

An improperly fitting bike can often lead to pain, discomfort and even injury so work with a bike shop to find the right fit for your riding style.

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