Buy that Bike! was designed to help those venturing into cycling arm themselves with a bit of knowledge prior to walking into the bike shop. The choices, sizes and prices can seem daunting. I regularly talk to people who bought several bikes before they found the right bike for them. The fit, style or price point never seemed right until they had bought a few bikes. Some of that is unavoidable, becuase as our skills change, so do our bikes. It is my hope that your first bike will be more enjoyable, better fitting and ridden more regularly because you picked a better bike the first time due the information you learned here.

I hope that this site helps riders, no matter what type of riding you plan to do. If I can help someone find a great new cruiser to ride with their spuce then great. If I can also encourage someone who is diving into the sport of mountain biking with the purchase of a new full suspension mountain bike, amen.

This site will NOT be updated daily like a regular blog, although comments and tips are appreciated. I will update the articles seen here as technology, models and information changes.

As you will see in the Jump To: panel to the right, I have a series of articles to help with everything from bike type selection, to price point consideration, to the most important: bike fit. The site has information for the first-time buyer, as well as more advanced buying advice, for those choosing to make a larger committment to the sport or those buyign a second bike. Need more information? I have also pasted a few links to other sources to information to aid your bike buying. Or, if you want, feel free to read this blog from top to bottom.

I hope this site encourages you to ride and aids you in your selection. Good riding!

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